Friday, August 17, 2012


Welcome to Bali !

Do you feel confused to fill your holiday with fun activities and of course you can stimulate adrenaline ? To that end we offer a very attractive package of adventure and challenge you to try it.

Rafting is one of the activities of water sports are very popular and great fun for the family and of course safe as it is supported by professional staff and equipment in accordance with international standards.

Rafting in Bali located in two different locations namely Ayung and Telaga Waja. both of which have different characteristics of the river from each other but still share a particular challenge.

Let's contact us now for more detail and…..prepare yourself for the challenges that will stimulate adrenaline and make your vacation more memorable and unforgettable experienced !

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  1. Rafting in Nepal

    If making your way through the turbulent waters and fast flowing serpentine and rocky rivers is your calling, then white river rafting experience in Nepal will definitely keep your adrenaline levels pumping.

    Nepal attracts hundreds of thousands of adventure sports fanatics from all over the globe. Resting among the massive Himalayas, Nepal is blessed with various rivers making it a Mecca for white water river rafters. River rafting tours in Nepal range from half day excursions to an invigorating 12-14 day trip through the heart wrenching rapids in the numerous thunderous Himalayan rivers. The sultry rivers making their way through the rocky ravines in the backdrop of lush valleys cast a mystical charm over the tourists with their breathtaking expanse and heavenly beauty.

    There are numerous options in Nepal to keep you busy and occupied. Enter a completely different world with the Himalayan waters making their way through treacherous rocks and passing through the serenity and tranquility of the majestic lush mountains and valleys. Rafting in the ravenous rivers twisting their way south towards the Gangetic plains offers an experience that can not be compared with any other rafting experience in the world.